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Our Work

Jeff Rosen is known for his ability to come into the most challenging situations, assess a company’s needs, set aggressive goals, and quickly make an impact. When the consulting engagement has ended, Jeff’s clients have the necessary processes and structure in place, as well as the requisite personnel, to continue their forward momentum.

Selected engagements include:

FreeWire Technologies, Inc.

Experienced and excellent operations management is the single most critical component of a fast-growth company. Ideas are born and fresh money is raised every day, but what happens next is what differentiates success from failure.

As the CEO of FreeWire Technologies, I brought on Jeff Rosen of JS Rosen Consulting to spot our operational weaknesses and address them one by one. Jeff has helped the management team, the board of directors, and even individual contributors develop and execute a plan to grow, not only by sitting in an office but also by rolling up his sleeves. His passion for the process and his effective communication skills are really what set JS Rosen Consulting apart.

Jeff has been crucial to our success thus far, and the entire team at FreeWire have faith in his abilities going forward.

HiQ Solar, Inc.

I want to let you know how much the team and our Board of Directors here at HIQ appreciated the excellent job you did supporting HIQ in our recent business pivot to a new business model. Your expertise and hard work made a significant difference in our company’s ability to secure adequate funding through a financial recapitalization, stabilize our banking relationship and transition to key business functions to a key OEM partner

It was a privilege to work with someone who has your level of capability and initiative. Because of your expertise you provided essential guidance in the areas of finance, supply and operational management

Rob Howard, HiQ Solar, Inc.