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Jeff Rosen, Founder and Principal

Throughout his 25 plus year career as a business leader and consultant, Jeff Rosen has excelled in providing the guidance that early stage technology companies need to achieve rapid, sustainable profit and growth. He has turned around operations and customer service functions to drive organizational scale and capability, identified and executed business tools and services to accelerate margin improvements, and provided operational and financial leadership to move a company from start-up phase to +$300M in revenue.

Jeff is an analytical and decisive problem solver, with the innate ability to create structure, while not slowing down the enterprise. His significant financial acumen enables him to make recommendations that are both broad and deep, balancing tactics and strategy, depending on his client’s needs.

Passionate and focused, Jeff’s approach is hands on and collaborative. His ability to connect with strategic partners, both inside and outside the organization, enables him to quickly gain momentum toward accomplishing strategic goals. Under his guidance and leadership, early stage businesses build the long-term capabilities they need to grow into efficient, profitable enterprises.

Jeff received a BSME in Engineering at Tufts University and an MBA from Yale School of Management. He is located in and primarily serves clients in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Jeff Rosen